Thought Leadership

The Growth of Outsourced Trading

In the US, a buy-side firm outsourcing its trading desk to a specialist provider isn’t new; but in Europe, it’s been less common, until recently. In this Financial Markets Insights video, Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group talks to Aaron Hantman, CEO, and Andrew Walton, Head of European Business, at Tourmaline, one of the leading providers of outsourced trading solutions to the buy side, about the drivers behind the trend and which functions are appropriate for outsourcing.

MiFID II Research Update: Whiskey Bottles and Brand New Cars…

As implementation of The Markets in Financial Instrument Directive II (MiFID II) draws near, conventional wisdom is that few industry players – both broker-dealers and investment managers – are fully prepared to meet its requirements. In our second of two articles, we look at the more concerning fact that there now seems to be near universal agreement that the regulation will mean there will be less money spent on investment research and less investment research produced—an outcome that is not good for anyone. 

MiFID II: CSAs, RPAs and Specialization

Those who have been in the financial services industry since a time before acronyms like MiFID were in vogue likely recall a time when building a ‘financial supermarket’ was the new strategic plan. In the 1990s, combining brokerage, banking and insurance companies under a single umbrella to provide one-stop shopping for all things financial was heralded as the future of our business. Introduce a repeal of Glass-Steagall and it was off to the races.